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This page will summarize all of the Distributed Systems articles

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Page: Distributed Systems - HVAC Modeling - Clipped Curved Isolines appear in Plot Previews - IssueID 9262 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - "Transfer Parts" command is missing from Equipment modeling menu - IssueID 11319 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Connecting Pipe or HVAC parts using "SCHEPCONNECT" throws an error under some circumstances - IssueID 13485 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Copy connected pipes/HVAC and pasting them in the locked layer would throw save error while saving - IssueID 13268 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Deleting the parts that are cut to max length crashes shipcon in a particular scenario - IssueID 13021 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - End treatments may not be displayed correctly when modeling more than one saddle connection to an HVAC duct - IssueID 19730 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Extending a part by dragging the end grip point may not extend the centerline if the action is performed after the connection is broken Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Implement proper handling of saddles on a break operation - IssueID 2864 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Lock & Anchor - Lock and Anchor size for Pipe and HVAC need to be controlled independantly of eachother - IssueID 12571 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - NavAid text size options have no effect - IssueID 18204 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Opening a model drawing appears to change the length of a valid bent pipe or HVAC part without first warning the user - IssueID 19489 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Transfered Parts involved in Remote Connections have an incorrect Locked status - IssueID 11868 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Upon Re-Opening a drawing, the first part that the user is prompted to cut-to-max-length disapears - IssueID 12450 Page: Distributed Systems - Modeling - Using SCBAP to split a part removes all that part's Negative Gap connections - IssueID 12684 Page: Distributed Systems - Pipe/HVAC - When moving a part, the grip points don't update until you unselect and reselect the part. - IssueID 12833 Page: Distributed Systems - Pipe Valve - Switching between stocks with a different number of connection ends while routing pipe may cause a save error. IssueID: 25683 Page: Distributed Systems - Spool - If Setting a spool's assembly From a Part fails, the assembly list collapses - IssueID 12946 Page: Distributed Systems - Spool Manager - A database error can occur when attempting to undefine a spool in the Spool Manager - IssueID 14545 Page: Distributed Systems - Spool Manager - If you close the close the spool manager using [X] instead of "Done", and then close ShipConstructor, the acad.exe process will never end - IssueID 13473 Page: Distributed Systems - Spool Manager - When defining multiple spools at in a single operation, auto number won't reset even when it should do so - IssueID 10089 Page: Distributed System Supports - Hangers - Part name change outside of the model drawing causes "ShipConstructor has encountered a fatal error..." upon the next saving the model drawing - IssueID 13803 Page: Hangers - Modeling - The "New Hanger" command option such as "Change Stock" will disappear if the "Distance between Hangers" is set to a non-zero value - IssueID 16850 Page: HVAC - In imperial projects in ShipConstructor 2012 R1.0 or later versions, HVAC parts and stock definitions may appear with incorrect profile dimensions - IssueID 21718 Page: HVAC - Modeling - Mitered elbows cannot be set to have greater than 5 segments in OTF mode - IssueID 18048 Page: HVAC - Modeling - Stocks created On-The-Fly cannot be assigned to a Spec - IssueID 13536 Page: Issue 22979: Pipe - Modeling - Running SCPipeFindAndReplace on a bent pipe may invalidate the bend radius of the part Page: PHP - Modeling - ShipConstructor crashes and disappears when modying existing pipes - IssueID 13165 Page: Pipe Catalog.xls - The installation of ShipConstructor 2011 is supplied with an incorrect version of the Pipe Catalog spreadsheet - IssueID 18004 Page: Pipe - End Treatments - Generic Ends - Add ability to manually apply end treatments to generic pipes. - IssueID 13417 Page: Pipe - Hangers - Assembly Level Naming conventions elements are always blank for hangers - IssueID 13266 Page: Pipe - Hangers - Hangers cannot be created if the active naming convention contains a Database Value element - IssueID 13270 Page: Pipe - Insert part command is unable to set default drawing system - IssueID 20487 Page: Pipe - Minimum Stock Length - It is possible to modify an existing pipe length to be shorter than the minimum allowable stock length using SCPIPECUTTOMAXLEN - IssueID 21124 Page: Pipe - Modeling - A connection between two pipes may not be established if one of the ends being connected has the 'Is Saddle' property set to 'Yes' - IssueID 13219 Page: Pipe - Modeling - A database error will occur upon saving a drawing if the drawing contains a mitered bent pipe that is associated with a bending machine - IssueID 13483 Page: Pipe - Modeling - After establishing a connection, a pipe end won't change to a necessary allowable end treatment if the pipe's unconnected end already has that end treatment - IssueID 14346 Page: Pipe - Modeling - After SCPipeFindAndReplace is used to replace a connected valve for another one, a saving error may happen - IssueID 19429 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Copied pipe parts list blank stocks in the OPM - IssueID 13168 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Ending a bent pipe jig after placing a bend when no bender is associated with the stock causes ShipConstructor to not draw the pipe end - IssueID 19499 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Inconsistent behavior of UCS Projection with Pipe commands - IssueID 19576 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Inserting a flange connector set in the middle of a spooled pipe creates a spool break between flanges but doesn't break the spool in Spool Manager - IssueID 19055 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Inserting a Tee or a Valve inline doesn't shift and reconnect the pipe ends properly - IssueID 16340 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Linemode icons don't roll if the user rolls the pipe - IssueID 18743 Page: Pipe - Modeling - The SCBAP command may ignore some snapping modes when the modes are selected from the drop-down menu - IssueID 18396 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Undoing after find an replace leaves the catalog name blank. - IssueID 12435 Page: Pipe - Modeling - Using the "Unanchor Part" command on a set of interconnected pipe parts may suspend ShipConstructor - IssueID 18515 Page: Pipe - Pipe Catalog Spreadsheet - Importing data from the XML file into "Pipe Catalog.xls" under Excel 2010 fails with an error that says that the XML version is unavailable - IssueID 17977 Page: Pipe - Saddle Connections - Cancelling the creation of a pipe saddle connection after selecting the connection, but before completing the command cuts a hole in the header - IssueID 21361 Page: Pipe - Saddle Connections - Undoing the creation of a saddle connection leaves the saddle connection definition in the database - IssueID 21362 Page: Pipe - Spooled pipe parts are not available in the Export window when using the SCPIPEEXPORTBENDINGDATA command - IssueID 19717 Page: Pipe - Spooled pipe parts are not available in the Export window when using the SCPIPEEXPORTBENDINGDATA command - IssueID 21295 Page: Pipe - Stock Catalog - End Treatments dont refresh after new Size Defs have been created - IssueID 5296 Page: Spool Managers - Pipe and HVAC Spool Manager windows will gradually descend off the screen without user intervention - IssueID 11975 Page: Supports - Modeling - An attempt to move a support that supports a pipe and has a hanger on it may lock the MOVE command in an incorrect state - IssueID 18864 Page: Supports - Modeling - An attempt to move a T auto-support with an attached hanger may result in a Fatal Error crash - IssueID 18858 Page: The Pipe Spool Manager does not appear when I try to open it